Otherness – Carpe Diem Bloggerin Fashiontweed berichtet über das anders sein

12/5/16 ·

Have you ever ask yourself what’s different about yourself compared to others?! You might have an idea but if you’re really dealing with this question it may seem a little bit tricky to find the right words – and that’s exactly what happened when Carpe Diem ask me how i would define otherness when it comes to myself.

Being different doesn’t mean stand out from the crowd, where i put myself above other people, but rather dive into it and being able to find a quiet place where i can gather strength and get inspired for the next projects. For me personally it is super important to remain loyal to myself only invest time and energy in things i fully support which is something i had to learn over the last few years and showed me that living the  Credo „less is more“ is a great way to deal with most situations. It is therefore even more important to continue this path, rely on the experience i gained from it, embracing my individualtiy and to be clear what’s really important in life.