Refreshing GreenThe Lionheaded berichtet über Matcha

7/4/16 ·

Matcha is dating back about 1400 years and it’s gaining a big popularity in the western world since a few years. Now you have the chance to get the traditional green tea powder bottled with a sparkling upgrade from Carpe Diem. Since we don’t always have the time or motivation to prepare a classic tea ceremony in our daily lives it really comes handy that you can buy the green wonder weapon in an already prepared version. Carpe Diem combined natural nashi (apple pear) and ginger juice with their matcha tea to spice it up – and believe me, that was an amazing choice. I can state that the “matcha sparkling green tea” from carpe diem is a perfect thirst quencher and provides you with a soft energy kick for sports, work or even dancing